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Two dogs

About us...

As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to feed our dogs the right things.

Dogs are carnivores so raw feeding is about feeding your dog as they would naturally eat (no grains, pellets, additives, chemicals or no added colours).

We have really seen a change in Kiki, our black Cockerpoo, since putting her on a raw food diet. She was weaned onto kibble by the breeder but since changing her to the natural diet her coat is now lovely and glossy, she is generally less smelly, has firmer poo's (with no signs of blood as we learnt she was allergic to chicken) and truly enjoys the wide range of flavours and textures in her food. Our kids love rewarding her with the natural treats which give Kiki lots of health benefits.  

We offer a range of the high-quality, human grade dog food that are reasonably priced locally to you. We provide personalised advice to best suit your dogs needs whether they are big or small, are being weaned onto raw, are young or old, have allergies or health conditions. 

We want your dog to be able to have the many advantages raw can offer them from our experience. We have also being working closely with another store, their nutritionist, and their many customers that have been feeding raw for years.

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