Paleo Ridge - Lamb Tripe & Chicken complete mince (1kg)
  • Paleo Ridge - Lamb Tripe & Chicken complete mince (1kg)

    Our Lamb is primarily grass fed and all outdoor reared. Our Chicken is Organic and outdoor reared, ensuring ethics and animal welfare are top priority.

    70% Lamb tripe

    20% Organic chicken with bone

    5% lamb liver

    5% lamb kidney


    Paleo Ridge have developed this nutritionally balanced feed to support all your dog's nutritional needs.

    We recommend using this product from 8 weeks.


    This product is a complete feed containing 80% meat, 10% bone, 10% offal.

    For optimum health we recommend feeding a variety.

    **Note - Minced through a 10mm plate to make a lovely chunky mince.


    This product comes packed in biodegradable and compostable packaging.


      All deliveries are £5.50 and the days of the deliveries are as follows:

      Monday – DY10, DY11, WR9

      Tuesday – DY12, 13, 14

      Wednesday – WV15, WV16

      Thursday – DY7-DY9

      Friday – DY1, DY2, DY3, DY5, DY6

      As most of the products are frozen the delivery driver will deliver to your address in the morning and left in your safe place if you are not in. Deliveries cannot be taken back to the unit as they are dispatched as frozen.

      You will receive a text message to confirm the date of delivery and to give you couriers phone number.